Dr. Daniels is committed to my overall health including, mind, body, and spirit. I’ve been receiving treatments from Dr. Daniels for several years now and he discovers exactly what is going on with me and what he can do to help my overall health. He uses a wide variety of modalities such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, functional medicine, muscle testing, and supplementation, as he is treating the whole client. I’ve worked for chiropractors in wellness centers and Naturopathic clinics before, and it is amazing to see a single individual with so much knowledge and expertise with a great deal of his career ahead of him!

This kind of health care, not sick care, (there’s a big difference) is a choice to dig deeper into underlying causes as opposed to slapping a band-aid on and popping a pill. I understand that some people believe they can get treated once and expect to feel better forever. That’s like having a luxury vehicle and only changing the oil once. I realize now that I feel better for a longer period of time when I receive care more routinely, with some symptoms going away completely. If my body starts breaking down like a luxury car, I might be able to replace a joint here and there, but I sure can’t trade my body in for a newer model! We only get one!