I have been to various different chiropractors over the last 6 years. Up until seeing Dr. Daniels, I struggled with perpetual hip and neck pain which was initiated with my first pregnancy. I was seeing a chiropractor during my worst seasons multiple times a week with very temporary relief and no long-term solution in sight. I initially went to see Dr. Daniels with some digestive issues that I had hoped to resolve with a more wholesome and natural approach. Little did I know that this would simultaneously lead to a conversation about my long struggle with joint pain. Within the last year, I went from stomach aches after eating very normal foods and managing what I thought was just day to day aches and pains to relief and hope that I won’t have to live with this pain forever. I have truly been amazed at how much better I feel and have a new standard of what it means to feel myself again. I could not recommend Dr. Daniels enough as it has been the most unique experience yet as he focuses on finding the root of pain and a more wholesome body approach!