There are very few doctors in my life that have taken the time to dive into my medical history and also truly listen to my personal health concerns. Dr. Daniels listens; he has never dismissed my symptoms, feelings, health challenges, or lumped my chronic health issues into a category or diagnosis. He is the most attentive practitioner I have ever experienced, and I have made significant progress (life changing, really) in my healing journey because of his care. His ability to tune into my unique situation and take time to adapt a fluid plan for continued healing (because my healing path has not been a linear one), continually amazes me. Holistic healthcare practitioners are hard to find, and when they are available, in my situation, I have only been able to go so far with other doctors before I hit a “wall.” That’s where Dr. Daniels entered my life, and moved beyond the “wall” and discovered underlying influences that were affecting my mind and body. His care has revolutionized my state of being and vitality, and I will always be indebted to his practice. Dr. Daniels is a gift to the Metro East area, and I am so grateful to have discovered him.